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Belmont-Prize 2018
for Contemporary Music

Nominated Prizewinner

Eamonn Quinn
Curator and Founder of LCMS
Louth Contemporary Music Society
Dundalk, Ireland


“The LCMS is the brainchild of someone whose knowledge and sensitivity in the area of contemporary music is completely extraordinary. I have met many people professionally involved in contemporary music, whether as composers, perfor­mers, critics, administrators or university professors, but nobody more attuned than Mr. Quinn to what is going on. Not only that Mr. Quinn has a remarkable degree of acumen in detecting what combination of repertory, performers and venue will create the unique events he goes on presenting, time and again.”
Paul Griffiths

The first backstage laureate: The Forberg-Schneider-Stiftung has awarded the Belmont Prize for Contemporary Music, with its EUR 20,000 endowment, to the programme planner and concert organiser Eamonn Quinn of Dundalk, Ireland. It is the first award for this self-taught maverick in the European festival land­scape.

The award ceremony will take place on 22 June 2018 during the ’Book of Hours‘ Festival, held in Dundalk on 22 and 23 June 2018.

The full text of the press release published on 6 March 2018 can be found here